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What does a ‘Brexit’ mean for UK businesses?


A Brexit for UK small and medium businesses could have far reaching implications. QuickBooks investigates further.

Small Business Trends & Predictions for 2016

They say that, in business, the only thing to expect is the unexpected. The future might be difficult to predict, but we've given it a try with our exclusive and free guide for your small business. At QuickBooks, we've always provided you with the information you need to ensure managing your finances and running your [...]

Are you up to date with small business compliance?

Compliance can be the bane of a small business owner’s life, and most have little or no idea about how their accountants or bookkeepers can help. With so many small business owners operating with very limited knowledge of financial compliance, any accountant or adviser that can help them with this confusing and often stressful part [...]
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Small Business Santa – Tips from the North Pole

Santa shares his collection of exclusive tips to managing your business over the holidays and beyond with UK's small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Facebook Marketing For Small Business Beginners

Over 750 million of us use it, but how can we utilise it for a B2B audience? QuickBooks goes into more detail on how Facebook can boost your small business. Stop thinking of Facebook as a social network, and start thinking of it as a marketing platform. There are many tools and features that people [...]