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Example invoice – what to include on your business invoices


Invoices are important business documents. We examine an example invoice and explain what information you must include on your invoices. Most invoices follow a straightforward format. It's generally a good idea to stick with these conventions, as in our example invoice. You can be fairly sure your customers will be familiar with them. Your invoices must [...]

InvoiceSherpa – helping to make invoicing run smoothly and on time


Intuit’s CEO Brad Smith has a great analogy about our business focus that ties to the things people can’t live without: air, water and food. For businesses, I’d add another to the list: cash flow. Small businesses tend to think of their finances in terms of money in, money out. Scary statistic provided by our InvoiceSherpa friends: [...]

Five invoicing clangers to avoid


Invoicing is obviously one the most important tasks for a small business but many people push it to the bottom of the to-do list. If you rush invoicing or approach it haphazardly, you’ll make mistakes and you could end up with delayed payments, irritated clients and your financial records in a mess. These are some [...]

Five essential invoicing tips to help you get paid faster


If you don’t raise an invoice, you won’t get paid. Invoicing should not be seen as a back-office administrative nuisance. Rather, it is a vital first step in achieving healthy cashflow. Can you answer yes to all these questions? ­ Do you raise an invoice immediately after you have supplied the goods or service? Do [...]