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6 Questions You Should Never Ask in an Interview

There are few people, regardless of the side of the table they’re sitting on, who enjoy interviewing. It can be a nerve-racking experience for the candidate and a tedious one for the employer. However, an interview is still one of the best ways to assess a job candidate and determine if he or she has [...]

Six signs it’s time to hire your first employee


There’s nothing wrong with running a one-person business. In fact, lots of sole-traders build successful companies with nothing more than their own skills, a couple of trusted advisers and perhaps a dependable freelancer or two to outsource work to. But you might fast reach a point where they need to hire staff. Maybe you can’t meet [...]

Eight myths about hiring your first member of staff


Hiring your first member of staff is a big decision. But it’s also easy to let untruths and bad information affect your choices. Quickbooks examine eight myths about hiring employees and unmask the facts you need to know. Myth 1: They'll cost too much Reality: Sure, you’ll have to find the cash to pay their salary. [...]

5 imaginative ways to keep your employees motivated


It's often said that a company's staff are the most important asset it has. And it's often said for a reason: it's usually true. The way you manage and motivate your people can make the difference between a business that does ok and one that performs beyond all expectations. Paying close attention to how satisfied, motivated, [...]

Changing your companies’ culture in 5 steps

According to a poll conducted by Gallup, employees who are engaged in their company are the lifeblood of their organizations. In fact, the study finds that the most engaged employees — those whose engagement level was in the top 25 percent — have significantly higher productivity and customer ratings, and less turnover and absenteeism than [...]