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Why have a timeline for Auto-enrolment?

As a small business, you probably know about Auto-enrolment and what it means for your organisation. But are you confident in understanding what you need to do first? How do you know when to select a pension provider? When do you start assessing the eligibility of your staff (Find out more about eligible staff here)? [...]

Working out staff eligibility for Auto-enrolment

Auto-enrolment, the legislation that requires all UK businesses to provide their staff with pensions, is already up and running across the country. The emphasis now falls on getting Auto-enrolment right within small businesses. If you have a small business with a few employees, you might think you have to contribute to all of their staff’s [...]

Avoid surprising your client with Auto-enrolment

Auto-enrolment, the process of all UK businesses offering their staff a pension, has led to hundreds of thousands of employees receiving pension contributions from their employers, and has undoubtedly brought about a significant change in workplace pensions. However, from today (June 1st), another change to Auto-enrolment is taking place. According to The Pensions Regulator, over [...]

Who’s eligible for Auto-enrolment?

When it comes to Auto-enrolment, there's a lot to take on board. Whether it's knowing when your staging date is, selecting a pension provider or creating an action plan, the introduction of workplace pensions into your organisation will undoubtedly take a lot of an effort. One thing you might not be aware of is this: [...]

Auto-enrolment, covered in 4 questions by the Money Advice Service

        Auto-enrolment, the government initiative that requires businesses to offer pensions to their employees is here, and without knowing the basics, your organisation could incur penalties that could have been easily avoided.   We've teamed up with the Money Advice Service, the independent organisation who help companies and individuals better manage their [...]