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Workplace pensions: Auto-enrolment - A Year in the Life of going through Auto-enrolment process...

A Year in the Life of...
The Counselling

Join us as we spend a year following a charity, The Counselling Foundation, as they make sense of Auto-enrolment.

Find out more about The Counselling Foundation and their challenges of creating workplace pensions for their staff.

We are offering a comprehensive ebook that covers everything you need to know about Auto-enrolment

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Make sense of the Auto-enrolment journey...


There’s no getting around it – Auto-enrolment can get complicated pretty quickly. From staging dates, workforce assessments and minimum contributions, where do you as a small business start?


To help you make sense of the Auto-enrolment journey, QuickBooks have created a special series called “A Year in the Life...”, where we’ll follow The Counselling Foundation, a charity based in St. Albans, Hertfordshire, as they get prepared to auto enroll their employees later this year.

By giving you an insight on how a Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) like The Counselling Foundation will deal with Auto-enrolment over the next few months, we’ll provide you the most practical guide on workplace pensions you’ll find, all from the small businesses’ perspective.


With videos and blog posts from The Counselling Foundation being updated regularly, please keep checking back here to see how they go about meeting their AE deadline.

Reduce time you spend on accounting

Get a first hand experience of Auto-enrolment

The Counselling Foundation have kindly given us access to their offices so we can keep you informed on their Auto-enrolment challenges

Reduce time you spend on accounting

Hear about Auto-enrolment from a human being

No jargon or confusing acronyms here – just practical advice from an organisation who are experiencing similar workplace pensions challenges

Reduce time you spend on accounting

Get involved

We’d love to get your take on Auto-enrolment – let us know how you’re getting on

Auto-enrolment with The Counselling Foundation

Read the Year in the Life blog posts

Introducing - A Year in The Life…


Stay up to date with our blogs, where we follow The Counselling Foundation and help them through the workplace pension changes taking place in their organisation.


Learn more about Auto-enrolment

What is Auto-enrolment?


With major changes taking place with workplace pensions, make sure you’re up to date on what Auto-enrolment is and what it means for your business.

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Who is eligible for Auto-enrolment?


Not all of your employees will need to be Auto-enrolled. Find out what you need to know about staff opt-in and opt-outs here.

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Your Auto-enrolment Timeline


You’ve got your staging date. Now what? Take a look at the 10 steps you need to take to stay compliant with workplace pensions.

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Set up Auto-enrolment in QuickBooks


We’ve developed our product so that you manage Auto-enrolment, all in QuickBooks Online.

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We are offering a comprehensive ebook that covers everything you need to know about Auto-enrolment

Simply enter your email address to download the ebook:

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