QuickBooks Merchant Accounts

QuickBooks Merchant Services give your

customers more convenient ways to pay -

helping you get your money faster.



Accept credit cards with a merchant account

Process credit and debit card payments within QuickBooks Desktop products - without the hassle of your own merchant account.

  • Accept payments instantly from customer
  • Reduce the number of cheques your business pays in
  • Free set up, low fees and no cancellation charge


Please note: QuickBooks merchant services are for QuickBooks Desktop products only.

Make payment really easy for your customers

Accept major debit and credit cards within QuickBooks. There's minimal fuss and you don't need any extra software, hardware or phone lines.

  • Save time: payments are automatically processed and recorded in QuickBooks
  • Save money: pay fewer charges for handling cheques and cash
  • More choice: you'll probably find many customers prefer to pay by card


QuickBooks card processing is ideal for professional service firms, online companies and retailers with computer access. QuickBooks Merchant Services work with QuickBooks Desktop products. They are not suitable for QuickBooks Online.

QuickBooks merchant accounts in action

QuickBooks already includes everything you need to process card payments. You just need to sign up to enable the features. Then it's easy to take payments:

  • Enter the amount of sale in QuickBooks, then tick a box to charge your customer's card
  • Type in the customer's card details, then submit them for processing in QuickBooks
  • View and print the receipt - QuickBooks records the transaction, so this is your customer's record


In short: you enter the card details and QuickBooks does the rest. It's much easier than taking a cheque to the bank.