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RTI payroll for business

Real Time PAYE requires your business to send information to HMRC when you run payroll. It was introduced in 2013 and is also known as RTI payroll.

QuickBooks Payroll is our Real Time PAYE software.

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What is Real Time PAYE


Real Time PAYE is a way of sending payroll information to HMRC online. Under
rules introduced in 2013, you must send Real Time PAYE data to HMRC every
time you run payroll. You can do this with Real Time PAYE software.




Real Time PAYE isn't optional. It's a legal requirement, and so should be part of your routine payroll process.



Real Time PAYE helps ensure people pay the right tax and National Insurance, even if they have more than one job.



Because RTI payroll gives HMRC current details of your payroll, it eliminates the need for annual payroll returns.


The information that Real Time PAYE software sends to HMRC includes:

  • Who you have paid
  • How much they've been paid
  • Hours worked by your employees
  • Each employee's tax code
  • Deductions for tax, NI and so on
  • Details of any starters or leavers
  • Details of any sick pay

More information about RTI payroll

Real Time PAYE was introduced in 2013. At the time, it was the biggest change to HMRC payroll legislation since 1944.


The aim of Real Time PAYE was to help modernise the pay-as-you-earn (PAYE) system. It makes it easier for HMRC to ensure deductions for tax and National Insurance are correct in a world where people change jobs more frequently or have more than one employer.


Real Time PAYE makes life easier for your business too, because you no longer need to submit annual payroll returns or send forms to HMRC when people join or leave your company.


Getting started with Real Time PAYE

If your business has employees, you must use payroll software to submit real time data to HMRC every time you run payroll.


It doesn't matter if you pay staff weekly, monthly, all at once or individually, nor how many staff you have. Every time you run payroll, you must submit your Real Time PAYE data.


You must use Real Time PAYE software to submit your payroll data. HMRC does not accept data submitted on paper or in other formats.


Finding Real Time PAYE software

QuickBooks Payroll
is our RTI payroll software. It gives you everything you need to run payroll in-house and send Real Time PAYE data to HMRC.


When you start using QuickBooks Payroll, the Real Time PAYE Wizard walks you through the setup process. Once that's done, you can submit RTI payroll data with a single click — whenever you run payroll.


QuickBooks Payroll


It’s not just a better way to run Real Time PAYE. It's complete payroll and
accounting software for your business.




Create professional, branded invoices
in a flash, then email them straight to
customers so you get paid faster.



Keep track of your VAT, then calculate
and submit VAT returns to HMRC online
in a single step.



Gain insights into your business with
detailed reports and the at-a-glance
Company Snapshot.


QuickBooks Payroll does all this and more


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