Features in QuickBooks 2016

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Manage Accounts Payable with Bill Tracker          
Redesigned reporting with summaries and comments          
See your business dashboard on the QuickBooks home page          
Send company file to accountant via cloud services2          
See all reminders in one place          
Pin notes to customer, supplier and employee records          
See unbilled time and expenses within Income Tracker          
Included! Free features and improvements3          
See details of all your income in one place with the Income Tracker          
Create customised email templates to use with customer emails          
Track email history — see messages sent to customers, suppliers and contacts          
Attach files and documents to transactions so you can find them easily          
Track and file VAT under the Flat Rate VAT scheme          
Track VAT and file VAT returns online with HMRC       Standard and Cash VAT
schemes only
Track and follow up on sales leads in the Lead Centre          
Run payroll in-house in three easy steps Add payroll to QuickBooks Pro or Premier

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  1. All prices shown exclude VAT.
  2. Requires use of a third-party shared folder that utilises an internet service.
  3. QuickBooks 2015 software purchased on a separate standalone basis are eligible for new feature improvements, updates, and enhancements on a when-and-if available basis through May 31, 2018. Software licenses obtained through a subscription are eligible for such new feature improvements, updates, and enhancements during the active subscription period