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Important offers, pricing details, & disclaimers
  1. Eligibility: This Offer is open to:
    1. New accounting firms who register for Intuit QuickBooks Online Accountant & ProAdvisor Program on or before 5pm GMT April 28th 2016;
    2. Accounting firms that are currently already Intuit ProAdvisors and have at least 50% of the QuickBooks Online subscriptions previously purchased already in use (hereinafter referred to as "Eligible ProAdvisor") that also fulfill the qualifying criteria in section 3 below.
  2. Time of the Offer: The Offer will be available from the 6th of February 2017 until the 28th of April 2017.
  3. Criteria to qualify for the Offer: To qualify for the benefits under this Offer, Eligible ProAdvisors must purchase a bundle of 15 QuickBooks Online subscription for their clients to either Essential or Plus or a mix of the two (“Value Bundle”), at the monthly standard price of 7.50 GBP for QBO Essentials or 9.99 GBP for QBO Plus per QBO subscription for their clients (“Client(s)”) using the “bill my firm” (wholesale) invoicing option. All subscriptions as part of this bundle must be purchased on the same day and the price will remain fixed for a minimum period of 12 months. “Bill my firm” (wholesale) invoicing means that the accountant agrees to pay for the client’s subscription fees.
  4. Terms of Offer: On purchase of the Value Bundle the Eligible ProAdvisor will be entitled to redeem 2 of the benefits described in point 5 below, one from each group. On purchase of one Value Bundle plus 10 more subscriptions all 4 benefits can be redeemed. Each benefit can be redeemed only once per firm and must be redeemed and selected by 28th April 2017 using the online form that will be provided by a QuickBooks account manager after purchase of the bundle. All subscriptions that form part of the Value Bundle must be active for at least 12 months, if one or more are cancelled Intuit reserves the right to charge the amounts indicated below as commercial value of the benefit. All benefits must be redeemed either on the specific date set by Intuit for the seminar series in Group A or no later that 30th June 2017 for the website and app beneifit in Group B, and are not available after that date. The Offer is only available to ProAdvisors that are legally based in the UK. No cash alternative is provided.
  5. Benefits: There are two groups of benefits:
    1. Group A: Exclusive access to industry gurus.
      1. Transforming to an Advisory Firm: Access to ½ day in-person workshop with Paul Shrimpling on improving clients meetings as part of the journey to become your clients’ virtual Finance Director. The 3 hour workshops will be available in May 2017 (2 sessions will be held in London on May 3rd 2017 and 2 sessions will be held in Birmingham on May 18th 2017) with a classroom capacity at 36 attendees per session. The sessions will be filled on a first come, first serve basis. Exact details to include the timing and the venue will be shared in a confirmation email within 72 hours after this benefit is selected and the online form submitted to QuickBooks. Valued at £350.
      2. Implementing Value Pricing Strategy: Access to 3 month, hour and a half webinar training programme with Mark Wickersham and includes an overview of implementing value pricing within your firm and an introduction to Mark Wickersham’s cloud pricing software which is free* as part of the ProAdvisor Programme. The webinar will be held on May 17th, June 21st and July 19th 2017 and last from 2-3:30pm. The webinar series has a capacity of 63 attendees. The sessions will be filled on a first, come first serve basis. Exact details to include a link to the webinar platform will be shared in a confirmation email within 72 hours after this benefit is selected and the online form submitted to QuickBooks. Valued at £350
        * Access to the software is free and will be available for as long as it is made generally available by Mark Wickersham with unlimited access.  The software includes the Entry level offering as seen at  The Cloud Pricing software is a third party service and you will be required to accept Mark Wickersham’s terms of service prior to obtaining the services and access to the software.  Please refer to for further details.
    2. Group B: New digital marketing assets for your firm. All Group B benefits will be provided in the form of a reimbursement. The ProAdvisor will need therefore to pay upfront the cost of the benefit and then submit the receipts or invoices to claim the value of the benefit (up to the maximum value amount indicated below for each benefit) back from Intuit following the Benefit Refund Process set forth herein.
      1. Your own Smartphone App: Co-branded smartphone app provided by AppTheBusiness which includes a direct link to QuickBooks Online and other features to help with collaboration with your clients and mobile marketing prospecting. The value of this benefit plus VAT to be paid upfront by the ProAdvisor and then the cost of £375 exclusive of VAT refunded from Intuit following the refund process described herein (cost of app typically priced at £900 plus VAT) . The app features will include about us, tax calculators/tips/tables, key tax dates, mileage tracker as well as link to QuickBooks Online app and news feeds. If the design is approved following the process described below then the App will be published on the Apple and Google Play store within 5 days, subject to the approval process of Google and Apple.
      2. New Website: A standalone advanced WordPress co-branded with QuickBooks including additional features such as details of your firm’s rates, services and information about your firm and contact details as well as a login and demo for QuickBooks Online. The value of this benefit plus VAT to be paid upfront by the ProAdvisor and then the cost of £375 exclusive of VAT refunded from Intuit following the refund process described herein (cost of website typically priced at £1,350 plus VAT). Once the website is approved and completed it will be published. There will be an ongoing cost of £25 per month for website services that the ProAdvisor will need to pay to the Third Party Provider in order to maintain and use the website.
  6. Important Disclosure:
    1. For the purpose of operating this Offer Intuit has appointed a marketing agency Twogether Creative Limited (“Twogether") to administer the reimbursement portion of the Offer and liaise between the ProAdvisor and the creative agency designing the app and website in Group B (currently ApptheBusiness but a different provider may be selected by Intuit or Twogether as needed).
    2. All services provided as benefits under Group A and B (“Third Party Services”) are third party services not provided by Intuit.
    3. The providers of the services in Group A, Twogether and any other third party appointed by Twogether to provide services to the ProAdvisor under this offer (hereinafter referred to as “Third Party Providers”) are third parties and are not endorsed by Intuit. It is your decision to take or not advantage of the Offer and use or subscribe to the Third Party Services. Except for the processing of the refund, Intuit does not warrant or guarantee the quality of the services, advice or other work provided or performed by any Third Party Provider and is not responsible for any acts, errors, or omissions of such Third Party Provider. Please make sure you review the content and terms of each benefit prior to obtaining or signing up for the service. Please note as well that Third Party Providers may charge additional fees for any activity you request them beyond what is part of this Offer.
  7. How to claim benefits under Group A:
    1. Complete and submit the online form provided by your QuickBooks account manager after purchasing the offer by selecting the session desired (½ day workshop or 3-month webinar or) on or before 28th April 2017.
    2. Exact details will be included in a confirmation email. For the ½ day workshop provided by Paul Shrimpling, the email will include the confirmed date, time and location of the workshop allocated to the ProAdvisor. For the webinar provided by Mark Wickerhsam, the email will include a link to the Mark Wickersham’s learning portal which will require the ProAdvisor to create a username and password to access the materials and webinars.
  8. How to claim the benefits under Group B:
    1. Complete and submit the online form provided by your QuickBooks account manager after purchasing the offer by selecting the asset desired (app or website) on or before 28th April 2017.
    2. Exact details to include a list of templates to choose from and assets needed from the ProAdvisor to start the process will be shared in a confirmation email after this benefit is selected and the online form submitted to QuickBooks.
    3. The ProAdvisor is required to provide the content for the about us section, logos for the design, and other requirements dependent on the template chosen. Once these are submitted by the ProAdvisor in full, a first draft mock up of the app or website (as applicable) will be produced and shared with the ProAdvisor; the ProAdvisor will need to respond within 5 days with its acceptance or with comments, if any. If there are comments a second design will be shared and the ProAdvisor will have to provide acceptance or any final feedback within 5 days. The above two rounds of edits are the maximum allowed. If no feedback is provided within the first or second of the above deadlines or if anyway the ProAdvisor does not provide a final acceptance of the app or website within such deadlines, any further work on the design will cease and the benefit will be considered as redeemed and no funds will be available.
    4. The ProAdvisor is required to pay upfront for the marketing activities.
    5. The ProAdvisor must submit receipts/invoices to Twogether and claim the reimbursement no later than June 30th 2017. The ProAdvisor needs to ensure that all activities are performed and completed and invoices/receipts correctly submitted within such deadline. Details of how to send the invoices/receipt will be provided in the confirmation email in point b.
  9. Benefit Refund Process for Group B Benefit:
    1. The request for reimbursement should be submitted for the entire amount claimed and in one single request submission. Multiple requests for a refund shall not be accepted and only the first request will be processed for refund. You may claim only costs of the App and/or Website. Any amount paid as VAT will not be refunded. The form to Twogether for reimbursement and associated must be submitted on or before June 30th 2017 to be eligible for full reimbursement.
    2. Your claim will be examined and you will receive either confirmation that the reimbursement is being processed or a rejection of the claim in the case the documentation provided in support of the reimbursement claim is deemed by Intuit as incorrect, incomplete, erroneous or anyway in violation of the terms of the offer. Subject to the claim being in compliance with the terms of the offer Intuit aims to pay any reimbursement correctly submitted within 7 working days after the claim has been assessed and approved by Intuit.
    3. The payment of the amounts to be reimbursed as part of the funds in Group B are issued on Intuit's behalf by: Birch Worldwide Ltd Registered office: 1, Andromeda House, Calleva Park, Reading, Berkshire, RG78AP, UK | Registered no: 4565956 |  England Intuit Ltd. is a company registered in England and Wales | Registered no: 2679414  | VAT no: 570 145 265
  10. Billing: The ProAdvisor’s account will automatically be charged on a monthly basis on the billing date indicated by the ProAdvisor for all active subscriptions to QBO Essentials and QBO Plus at the regular accountant “bill my firm” (wholesale) price currently 7.50 GBP per month and 9.99 GBP per month respectively until the subscription is terminated. Pricing is subject to change. Payment is due, in full, immediately upon monthly invoicing.